22. Lomo Arigato

Note the God light.

Well thank goodness. I got stuck in the Korean-Mexican fusion again recently and completely forgot I now have the option of Peruvian-Japanese fusion! Lomo Arigato’s chef, Eric Nakata serves up primarily Peruvian dishes with Japanese flavors (like soy sauce). The menu confidently boasts only 3 dishes, each at $7 (I love that). Chris met me at the truck for lunch today and we were able to order 2/3 of the menu!

Note the hood ornament.
I ordered their signature dish, Lomo Saltado. This is a choice of tri-tip, chicken or tofu, with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and french fries sauteed in red wine and soy sauce, and served over white rice. Aji sauce, also known on the truck as “the green sauce,” was served on the side. Chris had the Tallarin Saltado – A Peruvian style spaghetti prepared in a wok with the same meat choices, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, soy sauce and red wine. I will try the Chaufa next go ‘round. It is essentially Peruvian style fried rice with the same meats, minus red wine and plus red bell peppers, green onion and egg.

While we waited we were immensely entertained by big balls of fire from the food preparation in the truck! Well, I was pretty excited, but I do love fire. Everyone in the truck seemed accustomed to my reaction. The Vegas of food trucks! By the way, everyone working there also had their hats cocked to the side. Where do you find the hats with the bill coming out of the side? I can only find the ones with the bill coming out the front.

 Note her smile.

Note the fire.

Our wait was brief, and upon receiving our food, Chef Nakata insisted that we have little, plastic seats to sit on while we ate. SEATS! That absolutely takes the cake, folks.

So, in a sunny spot by a wall, with our little seats, Chris and I began our first Peruvian-Japanese food truck experience. 

Note the seats.

First off, the portions are a gracious plenty. My Lomo Saltado was rich, powerful, and big. The tri-tip was well seasoned and as tender as tri-tip can be, the onions grilled down nicely, the tomatoes still had a punch to them, the rice billowy and perfect. The fries were a curious element to the whole thing. They seemed redundant with rice and were pretty soggy. I didn’t mind them but I don’t know why they were there. The Aji sauce was tangy, spicy and creamy – and it was a surprising and lovely compliment to everything going on in the dish. We both thought some shiso leaf would be a really nice touch in this here.

Note the fries.

Chris’ Tallarin Saltado was also delicious. I really enjoyed the spaghetti. I felt that this one needed some salt and that the Aji sauce didn’t compliment as well as with the Lomo Saltado - but I tell you what, this was really great. It worked out well with our ordering decision as Chris preferred his to mine and I vice versa. I couldn’t finish mine, but that is no testament to the food – as I said, the portions are huge. Chris polished all of his off, though.

 Lomo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

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