21. 5 Breads and 2 Fish

While driving down Fairfax to San Vicente to drop my broken-heeled boots off at Pasquale’s for repair, I thought I might as well take a tiny detour down Wilshire – just to see which trucks might be hanging around. Mattie’s: tempting, but I just can’t return yet; Fishlips: no; Bool: clearly not. Wait one second… I’ve never seen this one before: 5 Breads and 2 Fish. Kind of a mouthful, yes, but my curiosity was piqued. So I pulled over and parked.

I stared at the menu for a while and wasn’t entirely certain I was going to stay, but the truck had no other customers and the man inside seemed really eager to feed me. They had all of these ads plastered on the truck bragging about their tofu burgers. I’m not so much of a tofu kinda gal, so I tried to order the Kimchi Pork Burger ($4.99 + tax), but the man inside insisted that the burrito version was superior. I walked away with the Kimchi Pork Burrito ($4.99 + tax and a bottle of water ($1.50).

I have to say that, while the pork was actually very good: big chunks, lean and marinated well – the whole experience was pretty forgettable. The interior of the burrito was monochromatic and the kimchi had little to no zest. The cabbage was not even terribly snappy, rather wilty, actually. The tortilla was tough and had a pastiness that left little sweaters on my teeth. Honestly, I only took about as many bites as it took to get the shot below and called it a day.


I’m not entirely certain why 5 Breads and 2 Fish, another Korean-Mexican fusion truck, settled on such a biblical name. If five small barley loaves and two small fish, supplied by a boy, were used by Jesus to feed a multitude of 5000, why was a large truck full of food and no other customers unable to sate little old me?

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