19. Baby's Badass Burgers

Finally. I have been courting Baby’s Badass Burgers since truck #2, but for various reasons I have been continually deterred. Alas, yesterday I saw they were to be in front of the My Space building in Beverly Hills. Chris works in the BH and was leaving town the next day for Thanksgiving-family-times. Perfect. I could meet up with Chris for a goodbye lunch and have a go at Baby’s. Hell, I was craving a burger.

From what I understood Baby’s was the hot pink truck with the scantily clad hot chicks, serving up burgers. I suppose that’s accurate but it seems that the scantily clad, hot chick part has become tiresome (and who can blame them?) and really, more of an afterthought (fine with me) at this point. We did have a cute, young, blond girl in shorts take our order. Note the God light in the picture below.

I asked her what she suggested and I think I got my favorite response to date, “Depends on what you like.” Okay, I’ll try this a different way, “What’s your signature item?” To which I heard, “They’re all good.” Fine. So Chris ordered the Original Beauty (swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and Baby’s special sauce, $5), and I went with the - flinch! - Cougar (aged beef, St. André cheese, black truffles, $9). The burgers are served as sliders and you get two per order. Fries. They have curly fries and sweet potato fries. Upon asking which she preferred, our - flinch! - baby replied – and get this – “depends on what you like”. Christ. I ordered the Sweetie Pie Fries ($3).

Our wait was brief and upon receiving our food Chris and I wandered over to a low wall to sit and eat amongst the employees of the building. I will say that I liked this locale: green, shady, residential, clean, quiet, easy parking, and not crowded. Also pretty much the opposite of any place I would normally expect a food truck to be – it felt exclusive, which is pretty much the opposite of what a food truck is supposed to illicit. Anyway…

The burgers, while conceptually inspired, did not do much for either Chris or myself. The thing about sliders is you have a very small amout of meat that is served fairly thin. I mean, it has to fit on that tiny bun, right? So the meat can only be cooked well-done. So you throw all this fancy stuff like truffles on there and there is nothing to compliment them. You just have a standard slider roll and a silver dollar of ground beef. I would prefer to have that particular burger option as a grown-up sized burger, rather than two sliders. The original was fine, but the same thought process applies. WHY SLIDERS? And I might add… $9 for sliders??

Both Chris and I agreed the sweet potato fries were awesome. I couldn’t stop eating them. They were wide but thin, and super crisped on the outside with a slight give in the middle. While I am not exactly a sweet potato fry aficionado, these were pretty amazing.

In short, Baby’s aint bad but Baby’s don’t got back. At least not mine. But who knows, I would certainly never put Baby's in a corner.

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