2. Bull Kogi

September 28, 2009

I was super geeked to try Baby's Badass Burgers, yesterday, after I received word (read, Tweet) that they would be at Wilshire and Fairfax until 2:30pm. I was in the middle of darting around town for work-related-ness, but finally had a window of time to squeeze in lunch. At 2:36pm (yes, a little late), after having a parking place swept out from under me, finding a new spot and racing towards the unmistakable pink truck, in all my excitement... they drove away. So I despondently shuffled my feet back to my car. If only that evil person hadn't taken my first parking place!

I decided to take Wilshire, east, towards my next stop, hoping to see a truck or two along Miracle Mile. There, on the same block, I found King Kone, Bool BBQ and Bull Kogi still in action. I certainly was not in the mood for ice cream, so it was between the other two. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe... Bull Kogi.

I ordered the Beef Kimchi Taco (The "BullKogi") and the Spicy Chicken Kimchi Taco ($2, each). I was disappointed. They have the same formula as the original Kogi; beef, chicken and tofu tacos marinated in a Korean barbecue sauce and topped with kimchi, but missing the zest. Zero zing. The meat was dry and the flavors had no boldness or confidence. That, coupled with the well-worn territory on which they tread, caused me to feel a little salty about them. I shan't return.

I still blame the ding-dong that stole my parking place...

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