F for Food Trucks

Ever since my, most recent, bacon-wrapped hot dog exploit I have been, pretty much, obsessed with the local mobile food movement. I realize I am no trailblazer but, just recently, I have set my phone to receive Tweets from many of the food trucks roaming the streets so I can stalk them. It’s really fun, actually – like a scavenger hunt.

As I am a genuine neophyte in the food truck arena, I have given myself a mission. I am going to eat at 25 different food trucks before the end of the year. This all just in time for my New Year resolution: to lose the 25 pounds I will likely gain on said mission.

I began this past weekend, and have been to 3 so far. I have a list of the trucks I want to hit, but I am open to try any and all of them. So I welcome all suggestions, ideas, the best menu items and thoughts from everyone who has an opinion on the matter.

You can follow my guerrilla gourmand exploits, *pictures and reviews with the, ever-growing, list on the sidebar.

*Disclaimer: All of the photos in this series are taken with my camera phone, in the spirit of the entire concept. So they may not be up to my usual photography standards.

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