7. India Jones Chow Truck

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious.

So I know I’m a big hoser for not having the moxie (YET) to go to the Fishlips Sushi truck. To their credit (I totally cased the joint in during my choice-of-truck-debate, today), they look entirely on point, clean and, even, kind of shi-shi-la-la, as far as food trucks go. But we must move on. No point in dwelling on the matter. I’ll get there eventually.

And so, when we last left our heroine, she was just finishing her skewers, and debating sushi, when she noticed the India Jones Chow Truck pull up in front of her.

The deal was sealed. I had wanted this one for a while. I was, pretty much, the first person to order as I got to watch them set up shop. I sidled up to the window and, as always, asked for suggestions. The owner, Chef Sumant, told me the special, Beef Stew with Rice was delicious, as was the Butter Chicken (he also said that everything was delicious – which, really, never helps). In the end I went for the Lamb Frankie (I mean, it says "I Love Frankie" on the truck) ($3.50) and Samosa Spring Rolls ($3). My friend ordered the Butter Chicken ($6.50). This was perfect as these were the three main items I wanted to try. I will say that the entire menu looked delicious. This was a difficult decision, but it ended up being the perfect one.

The samosas were a lot of fun. They were shaped like spring rolls, but all other signs pointed to samosas. The only downside, conceptually, is a samosa has such a thick, heavy pastry exterior that the tetrahedron-shape can hold much more of the inside goodness of spiced potatoes, onions, peas and coriander, to offset the shell. With the spring roll shape one is left with a bit too much of the pastry, making it seem greasy and heavier than it should.

I was very pleased with the lamb frankie (an Indian street style sandwich). It was somewhat delicate with soft, warm naan wrapped around tender lamb, onion and Indian spices, tamarind chutney and a bit of egg. It’s a great portion, which allows for one to try one or two other menu items (if one didn’t eat at another food truck moments before).

My friend’s butter chicken, however, stole the show. It was rich, nutty creamy, with the most diminutive whisper of heat. The chicken was succulent and they definitely had the right rice (see rice picture). At $6.50 I still say too expensive for a food truck, but the portion was more than ample and it was, seriously, an impressive number.

India Jones (much like it’s namesake) is a winner!

I will most assuredly return (maybe even before the truck #25!) as I want to sample each and every item on their menu.

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  1. I have been dying to try India Jones. Thanks for taking the bullet and ending up happy.