6. Skewers on Wheels

October 7, 2009

Stove Top twice in one night!?

My word, I am just wild and crazy. I ate at TWO food trucks today. I wasn’t even that hungry, but I was in the area and knew that the elusive Fishlips Sushi truck would be there. If you have been following my adventures, you know I’ve mentioned that I am ever so slightly uneasy about the Fishlips Truck. I’m sure it’s perfectly fine, probably great, even, but eating sushi from a roving truck makes me all feel funny deep down on the inside.

I also knew the India Jones Chow Truck was supposed to show, although I didn’t see them. However, Marked 5 was there with their buddies Skewers on Wheels. So as I stared at the Skewers menu, trying to find ways to postpone the whole sushi thing, yet again, I came to a realization. I could get a couple of skewers at one truck and a piece, or two, of sushi at another. This way don’t have to fully commit to sushi on wheels, and can check two trucks off of my list. I am brilliant (this is not cheating, so lay off).

After perusing the menu of skewers, tacos, burritos and handrolls (????), I ordered the carne asada and chicken breast skewers ($2 each). I wanted the chicken thigh with yellow onion option, but they had none. Oh yes, and I was one of the first people to arrive for the lunch period. How could it be that they were out of anything at that point?

Back to the skewers. They grill these on Japanese charcoal and coat them in a teriyaki sauce. I am aware that I didn’t order anything all that substantial, or off the beaten path, but I was admittedly overwhelmingly underwhelmed. Both the chicken and the beef were hard and rubbery and I bit into a yucky, sinewy, knuckly thing in the chicken. Additionally, I found nothing enthralling about the marinade/sauce. 

There are many skewer options, I hear, but today’s menu seemed a bit sparse. So here’s the deal: I would be willing to return (after the 25 truck mission has been accomplished, mind you) and give them another day in court. I also realize that it’s entirely possible that, I am the doltish one, for not fully committing an entire lunch to one truck.

Which reminds me, while I was skewerizing, the India Jones Chow Truck pulled up and parked. Another diversion from sushi-on-the-go-times… Sigh, I guess you know what’s coming next.

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