5. Barbie's Q

October 5, 2009

I am pretty sure my clothes are already tighter. I’ve only just hit truck #5, today. With 20 more to go before the end of the year, it’s safe to say my little joke about my New Year resolution being a diet is not so much of a little joke anymore. The sacrifices I make.

Today was a surprising treat. I got word, early on, that the Fishlips Sushi truck was to be along Miracle mile. Admittedly, even I am slightly apprehensive about eating my sushi from a truck, but you know, I must TRY it. It’s on my list. And so I headed down Wilshire to find Fishlips, but I also knew I’d end up rolling through a couple of blocks with any number of other food truck options along the way. The first two I came across were Baby’s Badass Burgers and Barbie’s Q; also, both on my list. As you may know, I have already tried, desperately, to hit Baby’s BB. So I it was there that I parked. In the end, however, I ended up at Barbie’s Q. I was more in the mood for bbq than a burger. Also the owner, John Bowler, was standing in front of the truck taking orders and saw me taking pictures (he’s on the right in the photo below). I suppose he sealed the deal for me. I love it when the universe gives me a sign.

 I ordered their signature sandwich, the pulled pork, with a side of barbeque baked beans ($7). I will say that I thought (and still think) that’s a bit steep for food truck food. Regardless, I found my little perch and chomped away. I really liked this food. The pork is served up on a baguette, which I was reticent about - I like my bbq buns to be soft and absorbent. But the baguette really worked, actually, and it wasn’t too hard. The roof of my mouth garnered no scrapes. The pork was succulent and delicious. The sauce was smoky and sweet. Although I am more of a Carolina bbq kinda gal, and opt for the tangy, vinegary style, this was pretty tasty. While I would have preferred it spread throughout the meat more, I appreciated that the sandwich wasn’t super sloppified with the sauce. The beans were a striking side dish, utilizing 4 different kinds of beans, complimenting the pork beautifully.

I hear that their cobbler is wondrous, so I will certainly return and make sure to save room for desert. This will, of course, be next year, when I fit back into my clothing. Sigh.

Oh, here's my favorite, secret, spot to sit and eat at the 5900 Wilshire location. Isn't it lovely?

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