Nebulous Misadventures (aka The Lost Weekend)

Del Mar, Trains, Horses, Gambling, Beer Fest, Sunburn, Flaming Lips, Bus Rides, Weeble-Wobbling, The Mysterious Loss of a Jean Jacket, Cabs, Ocean, A Pedicab and San Diego

Oh, and a little bit of food and a lot of drinks.

Day 1:

1/8 Cup of Coffee
Pitcher of Sangria (shared)
1 Large Bloody Mary

3 Corn Dogs
Beer Fest: 5 Beer "Tastes"

Tri Tip Sandwich, Black-Eyed Peas, Potato Salad (shared)
White Wine
Red Wine
Plate of Meat
(not much for me) 
No Water

Day 2:

Orange Juice
Double Shot of Espresso


White Wine
Red Wine

French Dip
Sandwich, Potato Salad
Pickled Pig's Foot
A Negligible Amount of Water

But at least I lived to document it (albeit like a caveman).

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