It’s an exciting day here at F for Food. A wonderful bakery, Sweet Square Dessert Bars, has recently contacted me to review their sweets – so flattering! While I do enjoy the occasional nugget of chocolate, I would be fooling you all if I claimed to have the most refined dessert palate.

So I have called in the troops.

I have wanted to bring my foodasaurus friends into the fold for some time now, and have finally found the perfect platform to do just that.

Yes, of course, I did taste a few of these scrumptious bars made by the lovely Samantha Page and Camilla Yates, owners of Sweet Square. But I knew to give them a fair trial I would need to pass the baton to my favorite dessert expert, Yvonne. 

So read on, my friends...


Love their look!
My favorite food blogger, F for Food, knew about my incurable sweet tooth and was kind enough to ask me to sample and review an entire box of dessert bars from Sweet Square. What joy! Days like this, where my tastes buds are called into dessert action, are what I live for.
As I walk up to Elliott’s house I’m already anticipating the dessert heaven that awaits me to devour. I am handed this little brown box which when opened reveals an assortment of sparkling dessert bars sitting there staring up at me. I thank Elliott and tell her that I need to go home and do some much needed jogging. I think Elliott might have been impressed with my jogging determination and now thinks that I have discipline and control in my life.
But when I got those lovely little dessert bars into my car, I stuffed one into my mouth at the first stoplight. It happened to be the S’mores Bar – a chocolate chip base lined with soft squishy marshmallows and topped with a graham cracker crust - not bad, actually pretty good.
 S'Mores Bar
Now I’m at the second stoplight and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar gets eaten – I really enjoyed this one; the peanut butter contrasted the sweet jelly and I loved the additional peanut butter crumble - a must get and yes, a big glass of ice cold milk would go lovely here.
 Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar
I wasn’t even half way home when the Toffee Brownie fell victim to my dessert binge – a rich chocolate punch with bits of crunchy toffee bits mixed throughout (I think I’ll run an extra mile today). 

Toffee Brownie
At Hollywood and Highland I thought someone was honking at me but no it was just those bars calling my name again. This time I went in for the Oatmeal Fruit Square – it was OK. I couldn’t tell what kind of fruit was in it although the buttery crumble on top was the real highlight of this sweet treat.
Oatmeal Fruit Square 
At this point I have the entire box sitting on my lap as I’m driving. I realize I’m in full dessert gluttony and make a conscious decision to just go with it. So I eye this little blond number sitting amongst the rest of the bars, and I’m thinking it’s a Blondie Brownie of some sort. But when I bite into this little treat I’m taken on an unexpected flavor ride when bacon pieces start exploding in my mouth! It was definitely a salty and sweet combination –The Makin’ Bacon Bar was interesting but not my favorite. 
Makin' Bacon Bar
Now I’m a block away from my home and the Magic Cookie Bar was the last man standing and needed some affection. Well, it found all the love it would ever need in my stomach. I liked the balance of white and dark chocolate that went well with the shredded coconut. (***Another sign of a good day is when you eat dessert for dinner.)
Magic Cookie Bar
Considering I ate the entire box of dessert bars before I even made it home, I have to give Sweet Square 2 thumbs up. The first thing I did when I got home was not immediately go jogging but instead I went straight to Sweet Square’s website, and discovered that they had even more dessert bars to try. (Note: All of the brownies look like a chocoholics dream.)
Today I may have skipped out on exercise but instead I was able to flex my dessert muscle. I am proud to report that muscle is now well toned and ready to take on anything that the Sweet Square ladies throw at me, and yes, I will definitely go jogging tomorrow.

P.S. If you have been tempted here, don’t fret. You can find these geometric delectables here.

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