The Hall at Palihouse

* A Brunch Review *

Palihouse is one of the new, upscale hotel/residences that has popped up in L.A. Its restaurant, The Hall, will indubitably attract a host of locals - even without the publicity machine that drives folks to new haunts... Zing! For now, The Hall has managed to stay under the radar but I predict that is very short-lived. Word of mouth, you know.

The Hall boasts a leafy, brick-lined patio and an adjoining dining room. There is a stand-alone oyster bar at the entrance, classic brasserie furniture and a big open courtyard.

Dixon and I were one of the few folks there and we were given carte blanche with our seating preference. As it was a bit dreary that Saturday morning, we opted for the dining room, although the courtyard patio looked enchanting. One table was occupied and the human guests accompanied by their four pooches (seated as well); Dixon and I were greeted with their yips. We like this. Our server, Jonathan, was there forthwith to take our drink order. Coffee (excellent), for me, a Bloody Mary and Dixon, a Holloway, named after the street on which Palihouse is located (Dixon and I like to indulge in the libations and crossword at brunches). I have to say it was a damn good Bloody - spicy, thick & strong.

Jonathan delivered a basket of subtly sweet pumpkin bread and a healthy pat of very good butter. Dixon ate the whole thing.

We proceeded with a dozen mixed oysters (Hama Hama, Malpec and Fanny Bay). They were terrific. Good brine and perfectly shucked. Tea towels instead of napkins - lemons cut into a perfect 'S' to ensure a lovely squeeze without the dribble of juice. God is in the details.

We then moved on to the Belgian Waffle served with Chantilly Cream & Market Blueberries ($10), and the Crepes (pancakes) with Lemon Ricotta and special, yummy syrup ($11). These were slightly unconventional in that they were quite crispy on the outside and soft inside--deelish. Finally, I had the Lobster Pergatory ($15). This was a new take on a Benedict, with lobster replacing Canadian bacon and a spicy marinara instead of hollandaise. On Jonathan’s suggestion, however, I opted to stick with the hollandaise. I must say that everything was very, very tasty. The eggs were perfectly, I mean PERFECTLY poached, the hollandaise just right, and the lobster fresh and nicely cooked.

Dixon and I camped out at The Hall that day. We did our crossword, tried bunches of different cocktails (well, Dixon did. I stuck with the Bloodies.) and ordered lots of food. Hats off to Jonathan and all of the staff for being so wonderful, fun and accommodating. I look forward to returning for brunch; and certainly for a glass of wine and another dozen of those oysters as the sun sinks into the horizon on a hot, summer evening.

8465 Holloway Drive 
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Tel 323 656 4020 ext. 120
The Hall

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