Greenblatt's is SO my Regal Beagle.

A week and a half ago the love of my life, my 3-legged (as if that’s not enough) Chihuahua underwent spinal surgery that has rendered him virtually immobile for the next three weeks while he recovers. 

Well, as you may imagine, this has also left me virtually immobile. I put him in his crate while I shower or find it absolutely necessary to run an errand, but he screams bloody murder in there. I’m not so sure that the stress and screaming is all that great for the recovery process or my neighbors’ neighborliness, so he pretty much sits right next to me on the couch or in the bed. 

This makes him happy. This makes me unable to shop for groceries or prepare food, and most certainly inhibits dining out. This means delivery. This means Greenblatt’s.

As I was complaining about this whole delivery thing making me feel like a stereotypical bachelor-dude-type and also lamenting the lack of recipes or restaurants to write about, my friend suggested I write about Greenblatt’s.

Why in God’s teeth I have never discussed Greenblatt’s on here is beyond me. It is pretty much my favorite place. If I moved anywhere else in LA I would continue to patronize Greenblatt’s, and I have honestly thought that if I ever moved away from LA that it would be a damned shame to no longer have Greenblatt’s in my life (this being almost a driving force to remain, mind you). I’m only sad that it took me a few years of living here to discover the place. What did I do BEFORE? Okay, enough.

Established in 1926 (which might as well pre-date the Byzantine Empire by LA standards) Greenblatt’s is a New York style, kosher deli and fine wine shop that happens to be (too?) close to my house. They are open 365 days a year, from 9am until 2am. They offer dine in, take out and delivery. I’ve spent a Christmas night there in my pine cone jammies, drinking champagne. They are my friends.

From mile-high Ruebens, a bagel and lox platter that rivals Canter’s, their cure-all matzoball soup, an awe-inspiring clam chowder, a Cobb salad you could do laps in, to full chicken, turkey, rib and meatloaf dinners with any number of sides (stuffing, potatoes, green beans or broccoli, to name a few), they’ve got it covered.

The wine shop (which also sells liquor) is really and truly something special. It is vast, the prices are a solid couple of bucks cheaper than ANYWHERE else, I’ve found. And the staff knows what they’re talking about. In fact, most are certifiable oenophiles and a few are even studying to be sommeliers.

It doesn’t hurt that as a result of the frequency of my visits (and my undeniable charm?), I am on a first name basis with the entire staff and they are very familiar with my likes and dislikes. Or it could be that last Summer I bought them out of Lillet. Hell, my friends stop in to buy wine on their way to my house and ask the staff what I would like. And they KNOW. I do love me a Regal Beagle.

So during my dog’s and my own house arrest, the good people of Greenblatt’s may not be seeing my face, but they hear my voice – and I their‘s (they are in my speed dial). “Ralph,” I say, “It’s hot. I can’t imagine drinking any reds. Would you mind selecting me a few sauvignon blancs and rosés? I also need a bottle of Lillet, a Cobb salad, and the maple mustard chicken dinner with stuffing and broccoli. That should last me a few days…”. 30 minutes later my bounty arrives and, of course, Ralph’s selections are spot on. 

Now Beso and I can relax and watch the entirety of Season 1 of True Blood on the couch together. It may even get us into Season 2 of Gossip Girl. Hey, a girl can dream…

Greenblatt’s also has an impressive cheese and charcuterie selection AND a magical lemon cake that I could write a whole other blog about…

Greenblatt's Deli-Restaurant and Fine Wine Shop
8017 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 656-0606

Greenblatt's Delicatessen

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  1. Some stereotypical bachelor dudes may be wondering why the name of our club (SBD of America) is being used as a pejorative.

    Greenblatt's also has ample, free parking - a tough thing to come by on that section of Sunset.